By the end of 2008, you or one of your competitors will select a MIRORZ ® Certified Virtual Platform as part of a bold plan to use Trusted Virtual Platforms to dominate your market segment or category.  Will it be you?  Or will it be them?

According to Gartner Group, approximately 80% of active internet users will have a virtual presence within 36 months.  What is your plan to capture their attention?

If you are like most corporations, governments and public and private institutions, your experience with general purpose virtual worlds such as Second Life ™ has provided you an opportunity to rethink your strategy as to how you will use this powerful technology to solve problems, to collaborate and to make or save money.When your company exposes its brand to general purpose virtual world environments, does the experience reflect your culture?


MIRORZ ® is a Trusted Virtual Platform developed specifically for mission critical applications. Designed to run behind your firewall or ours, MIRORZ provides every benefit of virtual technology without exposing your brand to the consequences of general purpose environments.


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Reasons Why Corporations Choose MIRORZ ® Certified Trusted Virtual Platforms


Exclusivity - 500 Mirrors works with clients to create specific competitive market advantage.  MIRORZ ® Certified Virtual Platforms are evaluated with corporate users in mind. When you invest in virtual technology you should expect it to serve your purposes and meet your requirements, not those of the virtual world provider or virtual world users.


Purposeful Applications – Unlike general purpose virtual worlds which have been characterized both as the “wild, wild west” and an “experiment”, MIRORZ ® Certified Virtual Platforms are designed to support both single purpose and multipurpose environments that are controlled by your market strategy.  We believe that you should be able to govern how, and to who, your brand is exposed.


Affordable - If your brand and business plan can draw 5,000 to 5,000,000+ people, MIRORZ ® Virtual World environments are well suited to your needs.  Built on dynamic, scalable architectures, MIRORZ ® platforms can support your requirements in both the short and long term.


Private Environments With Open Borders – You control who visits your virtual environment.  You control who you expose your brand to and more importantly who impacts your brand.


Ease Of Use - A simple and intuitive user interface requires little or no training.  Wireless devices such as the Wii remote are also supported.


Reality Virtually ® - MIRORZ ® Platforms license patent pending Reality Virtually technology providing interactions so secure and realistic that they accomplish true suspension of disbelief and optimal interaction.


Virtually Identical Avatars - Facial recognition software enables recognizable avatars allowing for a new class of secure, virtual applications.


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