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MIRORZ ® Certified Trusted Virtual Platforms set the industry standard for secure, stunningly realistic, scalable and available virtual applications.  With tools and services to migrate your content and investment from the chaos of early stage general purpose virtual worlds, MIRORZ ® platforms are positioned to provide significant competitive advantage to those organizations that plan to leverage the transformational capabilities of virtual technologies into significant business and cultural opportunity.


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Top Reasons Why People Choose MIRORZ ® Certified Trusted Virtual Platforms

Competitive Advantage
MIRORZ ® Certified Platforms were selected based on their ability to create significant competitive advantage for those that deploy virtual world technology.  In order to protect that advantage, MIRORZ ® Certified Platforms will be licensed to only one thought leader per industry or government category.

Brand Protection
–  Protect your brand from the chaos of general purpose gaming and virtual world environments with industrial strength, secure virtual platforms.  For the first time, the MIRORZ ® Certified Platforms enable you to influence or control the user experience.  You determine who, what, when, why and for what reason users have access to your brand and your environment.

Investment Protection –  MIRORZ ® Certified Platforms are designed to run on the hardware and software that you already own.  No need for expensive technology upgrades.

Technical Superiority
Completely realistic immersive virtual environments that can dynamically scale to support 5,000 to 5,000,000 plus active users.

Built In Collaboration Tools
Secure voice, chat and video communications. 3d graphics and simulations, web browser and web cam support,

A Secure Environment Where You Set The Rules
Capable of running behind your firewall, MIRORZ ® Certified Platforms provide a completely secure environment where you govern access to user and institutional data and where you control access to your brand

Depth and Breadth
MIRORZ ® Certified Platforms can dynamically scale from 5,000 to 5,000,000+ users and can support purposeful, focused applications as well as general purpose social and gaming applications.


Industry StandardsMIRORZ ® Certified Platforms run on Windows, MAC and LINUX industry standard architectures and support de facto industry standard development toolkits for content creation and in order to provide for content portability.

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