If you can reshape your thinking about technology, you can use MIRORZ ® Certified Platforms to fundamentally reshape public policy.

When you dedicate virtual environments to specific causes, the possibilities are stunning.  A global network focused on curing disease.  A place where the wheelchair bound can walk.  Purposeful communities where even the most marginalized in society can participate as first class citizens.  Neutral environments for bipartisan negotiation.  A new framework for international diplomacy.  Micro-economies to ensure efficient spending and optimal results.  Diplomats and members of the armed forces can participate in day to day activities with their loved ones from thousands of miles away.

For the first time, technology is available to do things that can't be done in the real world.  And they can be done without giving up rules, laws, regulations, policies, professionalism and decorum. 

Why Governments Choose MIRORZ ® Trusted Virtual Platforms


Security – MIRORZ ® Platforms are designed specifically to run behind your firewall.  You govern user access and you control user, application and data security.  There is no longer a need to expose your data to third party providers.

Purposeful Applications
– MIRORZ ® Platforms are designed to support single purpose training and immersive learning applications as well as general purpose social, healthcare and entertainment applications. 

An Intuitive User Interface
– Little or no end-user training required.

A Truly Natural Experience
– Fluid, natural movement allows users to completely immerse themselves in MIRORZ ® environments.

Reality, Virtually ©
- Maintaining an anchor in reality, exact replications can be made of your teaching, training and agency facilities allowing for continuity of experience between real world activities their virtual counterparts.

Virtually Identical Avatars ©
–  Facial recognition technologies are used to create recognizable avatars providing for increased security and usability for every user.

– Foreign languages are supported.

- MIRORZ ® Trusted Virtual Platforms are based on data driven architectures such as Windows, MAC and LINUX industry standards.


Investment Protection
- MIRORZ ® environments support de facto industry standard content creation toolkits.

Content Protection
– Automated tools and professional services are available to port your existing content from Second Life ® and other first generation general purpose platforms.

Brand Protection
– MIRORZ ® platforms are specifically designed to run securely behind you firewall.  Expose your users to an environment that is controlled by your governance rather than the chaos of multipurpose virtual worlds.

Reliability, Scalability, Maintainability
– MIRORZ ® Virtual World Platforms are designed to support mission critical applications with exacting standards for uptime and availability.  MIRORZ ® Platforms can dynamically scale to support from 5,000 to 5,000,000l+ users.  The platforms are easy to maintain.

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