MIRORZ Certified Trusted Virtual Platforms were designed with IT Professionals in mind. MIRORZ Platforms provide industrial strength platforms built to exceed the requirements of mission critical corporate production environments.


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Why IT Professionals Choose MIRORZ ® Certified Trusted Virtual Platforms

Security – MIRORZ ® Certified Virtual World Platforms are built to run behind your firewall or that of an ASP provider.  MIRORZ ® Platforms Meet or exceed all corporate security specifications


Reliability – MIRORZ ® Platforms are designed to support mission critical uptime metrics.


Content Migration Support – Tools and professional services to port content from Second Life ® and other early stage general purpose virtual worlds to the MIRORZ ® Certified Platforms.


User Migration Support – Tools and services provide ease of user and community migration from early stage general purpose virtual worlds and social web sites to MIRORZ ® Certified Virtual Platforms.

Investment Protection
– MIRORZ ® Trusted Virtual Platforms are capable of running in your existing infrastructure environment.  There is no need for expensive hardware and software upgrades.


Standards Based Architectures – MIRORZ ® Platforms are based on Windows, MAC and LINUX architectures allowing you to utilize skills already on hand in your environment.


De Facto Industry Standard Content Development Toolkits – Using readily available content creation toolkits, investment risk is reduced by avoiding proprietary toolkits and proprietary runtime environments.

Rapid Content Deployment
– A team of skilled professionals is available to assist your team in application and content development and deployment


Scalability – MIRORZ ® Certified Trusted Virtual Platforms support 5,000 to 5,000,000+ dynamic, concurrent users.


Performance – Built to support the technology that you currently have deployed including older processors and graphics cards, there is no need to upgrade client hardware and software.  Low latency, high frame rate environments provide for a fully immersive environment.

Ease Of Installation
– Client capacity requirements are but a fraction of older virtual world technologies.


Realism – MIRORZ ® Virtual World Platforms provide true suspension of disbelief through natural, fluid movement.


Ease Of Use – Intuitive user interfaces require little or no training. 

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